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                  AdMarketing recent discussion: 
                  "How Marketers Use Interactive Tools"
                  (Last updated 8.3.02) 

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                  Interactive Tools

                  The AdMarketing list recently had a discussion on how marketers are using interactive tools. 
                  The Online Community Report recently wrote about the conversation. Through this conversation,
                  AdMarketers explored interactive tools being used to acquire prospects, retain customers, and build better relationships. Some of the tools being used by marketers are: lists, forums, polls & surveys, chat/events, calendars, and instant messaging. 

                  Discussion introduction

                  Posts from the experts

                  Discussion thread summaries

                  Resources (needs your input!)

                  Posts from the experts

                  Several guests participated in this special AdMarketing discussion. These guests are experts in the areas of interactive tools, marketing, and community building. Following are their posts. 

                  How marketers use interactive tools: forums 
                  by: Michael Moore, Infopop Corporation

                  Marketing with chat
                  by: Eric Olinger, Akiva - Idea Technologies

                  IM and marketing
                  by: Todd Tweedy, The Tweedy Group 

                  Market Research and Interactive Marketing
                  by: Camilo Wilson, Cogix 

                  Interactive tools and Online Customer Service
                  by: Kartik Ramakrishnan, QUIQ 

                  First steps at Cisco
                  by: Cliff Figallo, SociAlchemy  

                  Community experiences at craigslist
                  by: Craig Newmark, craigslist

                  Discussion thread summaries

                  Following are summaries of discussion threads from the conversation. 

                  Is too much talk a good thing?  

                  Can bad buzz change a company's mind?

                  Marketing with chat and IM

                  Market Research & Online Customer Service

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                  AdMarketing | Funding & Finance | Netpreneur Corner | News Center | Search | Home

                  All discussion and distribution lists are inactive. Some archives are available.

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